Beneath the Dover Sky #2021

Beneath the Dover Sky By Murray Pura [PDF] Beneath the Dover Sky | by ↠ Murray Pura - Beneath the Dover Sky, Beneath the Dover Sky For fans of the hugely popular Downton Abbey television series and lovers of British historical sagas award winning author Murray Pura continues the enthralling story of the Danforths of Lancashire T

  • Title: Beneath the Dover Sky
  • Author: Murray Pura
  • ISBN: 9780736952880
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Paperback
  • Beneath the Dover Sky By Murray Pura [PDF] Beneath the Dover Sky | by ↠ Murray Pura - Beneath the Dover Sky, Beneath the Dover Sky For fans of the hugely popular Downton Abbey television series and lovers of British historical sagas award winning author Murray Pura continues the enthralling story of the Danforths of Lancashire T

    • [PDF] Beneath the Dover Sky | by ↠ Murray Pura
      451Murray Pura
    Beneath the Dover Sky

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    1. Murray Pura in his new book, Beneath The Dover Sky Book Two in The Danforths of Lancashire series published by Harvest House Publishers takes us back into the lives of The Family Danforth.From the Back Cover Life, love and the passing of years bring joy and sorrows to the beloved Danforth family of LancashireThe year is 1924 and things are definitely beginning to look up for the Danforths The family patriarch, William Danforth, has been granted the title Marquess of Preston Britain is at peace [...]

    2. I enjoyed the descriptions of places Dover Sky is indeed a delightful home The castles of Europe are splendid The lifestyle is appropriately opulent for the erag how people can easily live such grand lives The political details around the world make a superb background for the characters performance I find Edward Danforth s politics and philosophy represent that of many real people during that time of the world Of course, I know the end of the story and how the fascists will turn out, but Pura m [...]

    3. Title BENEATH THE DOVER SKYAuthor Murray PuraPublisher Harvest HouseAugust 2013ISBN 978 0736952880Genre Historical family sagaFor fans of the hugely popular Downton Abbey television series and lovers of British historical sagas, award winning author Murray Pura continues the enthralling story of the Danforths of Lancashire.The second book in the series following Ashton Park transports the reader back in time to 1924 as Sir William recently named Lord Preston celebrates his sixtieth birthday at t [...]

    4. Beneath the Dover Sky was a very interesting story It takes place over a ten year time frame The main focus is on the Danforth family From the patriarch William Danforth, the Marquess of Preston to his children and grandchildren Over this time we watch the family change through births and deaths Through happy and sorrow filled times.All set against the backdrop of Dover Sky, the Danforth families country estate.The Danforths weren t the only story in this book Murray Pura was able to weave the u [...]

    5. In Ashton Park we met the wealthy Danforth family Lord William Danforth, his wife Lady Elizabeth, and their seven children In Beneath the Dover Sky we see how their lives continue.The Danforths worry about their daughter Catherine, who lost her husband two years ago and since that time has shown no interest in the opposite sex but that will change soon They also worry about Kipp s wife, Christelle, who is dealing with some health issues Then there s Lady Caroline, Kipp s former fianc e, who seem [...]

    6. I won this book on giveaways It took me a bit to get into this book and I kinda felt like it dragged on That being said I read this in a very busy time so that could have had an impact on keeping my mind focused.Its based in the early 1900 s and leads up to when Hitler took over in Germany There is a bit of romance, betrayal,death, and other trials that go through one family.

    7. I thoroughly enjoyed this book I agree with others that it is important to read the books in order The book does a great job of presenting various parts of the world between the two wars Great Britain, Jerusalem, Germany, Africa The various viewpoints in world politics become evident, some of which I was unaware were so prevalent I began to feel like I was a part of the family some you like, some you don t I look forward to reading Volume 3.

    8. Won from a Giveaway Welcome to Dover Sky, the summer estate of the Danforths of Lancashire Patriarch Sir William, recently bestowed the title Marquess of Preston, and his wife Lady Elizabeth are just trying to do right by their children and grandchildren, their country and God Eldest son Edward, an ambitious politician and his wife Charlotte Determined to get to the top and stay there, Edward makes some questionable choices and alliances Middle son Kipp is completely devoted to his beautiful but [...]

    9. It is 1924 and the ravages of World War I is over The destruction wrought by the battles fought almost six years in the past are not ever to be forgotten A man by the name of Adolf Hitler writes a book called Mein Kampf, and it is uncertain whether he poses a threat to Europe Jerusalem is rife with tension between the Jewish people and Arab Muslims, and the world is holding it s breath in the interim between wars Born a year before the Civil War ended, the recently named Lord Preston is having a [...]

    10. Picking up right where Ashton Park left off, following the seven Danforth children as they travel the globe, marry, and have children of their own, in the looming shadow of WWII Filled with drama and rich in history, Beneath the Dover Sky follows the Danforths through new heartaches, and new loves, as their family grows and changes One of my favorite story threads was that of Libby and Michael and how they adopted a Chinese girl named Jane Jane was easily my new favorite character, because of he [...]

    11. This is the second book in the Danforth family series I actually liked it better than the first The series is a sort of Downton Abbey story with a large upper class landed family with many offspring Book One Ashton Park introduced the family and was mainly concerned with the children as young adults facing World War I, marriage, and the history of the times By the second book the young adults from the first book are having children of their own, dealing with personal successes and tragedies, and [...]

    12. Beneath the Dover Sky is a beautiful and in depth addition to The Danforths of Lancashire series I am happy to have read Ashton Park last year I personally feel that for a real understanding of everything going on in the Danforth family, these books should be read in order It really enhances the understanding of the family dynamics.Beneath the Dover Sky continues in the same tradition as Ashton Park, following the lives of the entire Danforth family, who are now spread out between London, Dover, [...]

    13. Rejoining the Danforth family in this 2nd book of the Downtown Abbeyish series as they move through the vagaries of family, culture and politics of the era prior to WWI Canadian author, Murray Pura, excels at priming our emotions with unexpected betrayal on the political front as he describes first hand relational details Family relationships thrive and suffer, increase and decrease, and the reader is carried along with the emotional tide according to ties formed with characters throughout both [...]

    14. This is my first book by Murray Pura, but will not be my last I found it very exciting, page turning, and not predictable I have not read book one in this series, however, I had no problem keeping up with all that was going on If I would have read the first one it may have opened up information for me, however I found it was not necessary.He has much detail and many different family members in this book They are all faced with many different challenges in life and must rely on God and family to [...]

    15. I enjoyed this Downton style story even than the first book in the series, Ashton Park It s a family saga encompassing about nine years 1924 1933 , highlighting not only the continuing changes in the Danforth family at their summer home at Dover Sky, but in England and Europe Author Murray Pura shows the reader, through his characters, how the rise of Nazism came to be and how Hitler managed to gain power The novel is filled with color and beauty, loss, hope and renewal We come to love the char [...]

    16. Beneath the Dover Sky The Danforths of Lancashire Paperback In Beneath the Dover Sky, Murray Pura seamlessly blends historical fact with historical fiction to produce a stunning portrait of the Danforths Rooted not just in English history but in a history that encompasses many areas of the world, the book pulls you in from the first page and holds you captive until the last sentence As the Danforths struggle with life, they lean on the one constant in their lives the grace and mercy of God With [...]

    17. Beneath the Dover Sky is the second book in a series called The Danforths of Lancashire and the first book I have read by author Murray Pura I struggled to get through this book It s not a bad book, but for me I had difficulty keeping the many characters separate Perhaps if I had read the first in this family saga, it would have been enjoyable rev P.Howard DISCLOSURE A copy was won in a contest.

    18. 3.5 5.0Writing with such a vast expanse in scope of characters, locations and time spanning nearly a decade is a feat to accomplish for just about any author Read full review in the November 2013 issue of InD tale Magazine.

    19. Still too many characters and they are hard to keep track of But I like it and will find the third book at the library tomorrow.

    20. Excellent novel covering historical events in Europe between the two world wars This is the second book in a gripping series.

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