China: Portrait of a People #2021

China: Portrait of a People By TomCarter ☆ China: Portrait of a People ✓ TomCarter - China: Portrait of a People, China Portrait of a People From the subtropical jungles of Yunnan to the frozen wastes of Heilongjiang across the scalding deserts of Xinjiang and beneath Hong Kong s neon blur Tramping through China by train bus boat motorc

  • Title: China: Portrait of a People
  • Author: TomCarter
  • ISBN: 9789889979942
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Paperback
  • China: Portrait of a People By TomCarter ☆ China: Portrait of a People ✓ TomCarter - China: Portrait of a People, China Portrait of a People From the subtropical jungles of Yunnan to the frozen wastes of Heilongjiang across the scalding deserts of Xinjiang and beneath Hong Kong s neon blur Tramping through China by train bus boat motorc

    • ☆ China: Portrait of a People ✓ TomCarter
    China: Portrait of a People

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    1. I am a Mainland Chinese who grew up during the 10 years of Cultural Revolution At the end of my graduate study in 1986, I went on a hitch hiking trip to Tibet with a friend of mine We had 45 RMB Yuan, a camera, and 4 rolls of films with us We spent a month on the road, riding in the back of coal hauling trucks, on the make shift engine cover in the front of old buses, in the back of tractors, climbing over hills, and riding on the back of horses We slept in horse stables, tents, and sometimes, f [...]

    2. I worked a minimum wage job, just taught grandma how to use her oven she s had for 8 years, and survived Iowa I was looking for a break, and I stumbled upon Tom s book At first I wondered what was lurking inside this dictionary with a unique cover A story Or one of those boxes of candy that are made to look like a catchy book Either way, strolling through Barnes and Noble I found myself always returning to stare at the book I decided I might as well get a taste of whatever was inside.Opening the [...]

    3. Verbal and Visual Images by an Ambassador of Good Will Tom CarterRarely does a book of richly colored photographic images of a country and the people that inhabit that country on every page reveal so much of a culture that the book becomes an instant resource for fascinated travelers real and armchair , students, teachers, and readers who care about the planet we call Earth CHINA PORTRAIT OF A PEOPLE is indeed what the title suggests within the covers of this book are faces sampling the 1.3 bil [...]

    4. Normally I review novels Stories And I ve decided CHINA Portrait of a People by travel photographer Tom Carter qualifies because every one of his photographs holds an amazing story I am reviewing this book because in a country of 1.3 billion, it s clear that Carter managed to make a personal connection with each person he photographed, bringing a sense of intimacy to this collection of 800 photographs Plus, Carter s epic, two year backpacking journey through China is as much of a story as any of [...]

    5. If one picture is worth a thousand words, then this striking work is worth a million words At 15.2 x 15.2 cms and 638 pages this book is like a box of photos a wonderfully diverse photographic exploration of China s people and culture.The magic of photography is that it captures a glimpse in time that would otherwise be lost, an insight into another world This is a book that belongs on the coffee table not the bookshelf A treasure to be shared Thank you, Tom Carter.

    6. What a brilliant book, a whistle stop tour of China, including the bits the Chinese media wouldn t want you to see Gorgeous genuine candid portraits, historical and factual information, and personal anecdotes from the author, truly a great read.

    7. Carter s anthropological like study of China stands apart in its genre, as it focuses expressly on the PEOPLE of China.

    8. Based on the thumbnail image of the book s cover, even with the hot woman and the tasteful design, and knowing only it was some kind of photographic spread on China, I feared coffee table book or worse, cheesy Chinese variety that would actually mar my coffee table, the sort you can find in the tourist bookshops with washed out reproductions, incoherent English and sappy token displays of ethnic minorities dancing in their costumes.The actual book, once in my hands, is unlike any other book I ve [...]

    9. When a Pixel Portrays a Hundred Thousand WordsA picture painted a thousand words That was before Tom Carter started taking them Now, it seems, a pixel portrays a hundred thousand and that s for those of us with limited imagination I first came across Tom s work through his travel writing while doing some background research for EATING SMOKE a book about the time I spent roughing it in Hong Kong and China Not only did Tom s unrestrained generosity and supercharged positivity towards people and pl [...]

    10. Tom Carter s photography book CHINA Portrait of a People second printing 2013, Blacksmith Books is a remarkable photo essay of China today, broad in scope and comprehensive of subject Even when contrasted with the work of his predecessors, discussed below, there is something about this book a remarkable depth of insight, understanding, and feeling that Carter 1973 , an indigent wanderer from San Francisco, acquired for a people whose language he knew only slightly at the time he took the photos [...]

    11. Tom Carter s visual journey through China allows us to vicariously drink in an immensely diverse culture The unexpected can be found on almost any page prostitution in macau, punk hair in Changsha, a beautiful baby in Gongtan, and the mentally ill in Luoyang I learned a lot about China by looking at it s pages, the presence of Islam, street corner dentists pulling teeth, and other surprises Normally I would call this a spoiler but there are just so many surprises in this book that I m barely scr [...]

    12. This is a book that, from the outset, looks unassuming and tidy, but as soon as you open the pages, it s like taking a long, beautiful walk through China Tom Carter s photography is so evocative and personal that I immediately felt transported back to China, a place I ve known for many years but never like this The structure of the book, which leads you through various regions of China via brief captions and a range of photographs of people, architecture, scenery, etc is the perfect way through [...]

    13. Coffee table books have become an outdated medium now that digital photography, smart phones, apps and the internet have taken over our society And yet, there remain some books that simply must be seen on paper and held in your hands to be fully appreciated.Tom Carter s China portraits are one such example To view any of the images in this book independent of the collection would leave little impact on the reader But taken as a whole, one can begin to grasp the vast mileage, endless interactions [...]

    14. Gorgeous photos, all the special because they were shot on a 4 megapixel point and shoot, taken during a groundbreaking journey by a true pioneer who relied on personal resolve instead of big budgets to get him through 2 years and 35,000 miles I really don t know any other photographer who could accomplish what Mr Carter has For this reason alone this collection deserves to be showcased on every armchair traveler s bookshelf.I must apologize to Mr Carter for the 3 stars, but the small, cubed fo [...]

    15. Aside from literary standards such as Peter Hessler s River Town, I can t think of any better book to prepare travelers for China than this collection of photography.It surpasses all other China coffee table books in both scope and depth, and its distinctive cube size offers portability and easy viewing.The photos range from scenery shots to intense portraiture to candid street photography The work was completed on the cusp of the digital revolution, so the image quality is not perfect and nothi [...]

    16. The photos are indispensible The format of the book, however, leaves something to be desired Not comfortable to peruse through as you often have to crack the spine just to read a bit of text and see the whole picture Also, the author seems to have randomly chosen to comment on some of the photos, but not all He also seems to have a fetish for Chinese Asian women that comes through Again, great pics, but the presentation could have been thought out better It is also extremely hard to find now app [...]

    17. I first started travelling in China in the early 1980s when it started to open up after the Cultural Revolution I travelled by train to Kunming, Sichuan and Mongolia, I cycled cross country through Fujian, Guangzhou and Hainan, sailed down the Yangtse leaving just 3 days before the Tian An Man massacre These photographs capture the fleeting present of an on rushing China What an extraordinary time these last 30 years have been Tom Carter has captured an extraordinary amount I hope to see Anyone [...]

    18. A talented amateur travel photographer takes us on a deluxe visual tour through the 33 provinces and autonomous regions of China, concentrating his lens on rural villages and developing cities, and the denizens therein caught in the middle of the war between progress and tradition The collection as a whole is groundbreaking and worthy of praise, but might have benefitted by taking advantage of digital enhancement tools.

    19. This book is an impressive, ambitious project The photographs are breathtaking and the journalism is superb I so delighted in this book that I purchased an extra copy to send to my father as a gift My father also enjoyed flipping through the book immensely Kudos to Tom Carter for a job well done and to the publisher, Pete Spurrier, for having the insight and instinct to make this book a reality Such a gift to us all.

    20. Whether you re a photographer looking for a great example of what travel photography should be or interested in China and its people, this book should live on your shelf You ll never get a intimate look in this type of book.

    21. wish the book was bigger the pictures and writing kinda small But great pictures and I am envious for such an adventure I liked how each chapter had the area he was visiting highlighted against a total map of China so one could really see where he was going.

    22. The images are beautiful, and the design of the book is excellent To learn , read an interview with Tom Carter on Words With Writers wordswithwriters 2012 12 2

    23. A view of China in every corner and from every angle Full of evocative and beautiful portraits, landscapes and glimpses of peoples lives.

    24. Engrossing collection of photography taken by backpacker extraordinaire Tom Carter during a 2 year tramp across China s 33 provinces Candid street life captures mixed in with intimate portraits and sweeping scenery.Each chapter is divided by province, beginning with Beijing in the east and concluding with Tibet in the far west The photos are gritty and non photoshopped a refreshing dose of realism in today s over processed digital galleries.

    25. China is a country of spectacular sites, many which have made the World Heritage list, as well as gleaming megalopolises that are the future of this world Yet Tom Carter chooses to focus his lens on average ordinary people, impoverished villages and old city lanes that are about to be torn down One must ask what Carter s true motive is by showing this grubby side of Chinese culture

    26. What I like about this book is how it never seems to end Apparently there are over 800 snapshots, and despite being ordered by province and city, you really can just flip through any page at leisure, go backward or foreword, which I suppose is how the author conducted his trip across China.

    27. Infinite assortment of snapshots from China s 33 provinces Carter is reportedly one of the few foreigners to have ever made this journey, and I have yet to see any other photo book about China match this one in terms of scope and depth 5 well deserved stars

    28. Beautiful assortment of photos spanning the farthest regions of China occasionally marred by the photographer s penchant for prostitutes, including a close up of two karaoke hostesses kissing.

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