Two Rivers #2021

Two Rivers By T. Greenwood [PDF] Download ☆ Two Rivers : by T. Greenwood - Two Rivers, Two Rivers In Two Rivers Vermont Harper Montgomery is living a life overshadowed by grief and guilt Since the death of his wife Betsy twelve years earlier Harper has narrowed his world to working at the loc

  • Title: Two Rivers
  • Author: T. Greenwood
  • ISBN: 9780758228772
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Paperback
  • Two Rivers By T. Greenwood [PDF] Download ☆ Two Rivers : by T. Greenwood - Two Rivers, Two Rivers In Two Rivers Vermont Harper Montgomery is living a life overshadowed by grief and guilt Since the death of his wife Betsy twelve years earlier Harper has narrowed his world to working at the loc

    • [PDF] Download ☆ Two Rivers : by T. Greenwood
      315T. Greenwood
    Two Rivers

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    1. Harper Montgomery harbors a terrible, tragic secret He longs for love, for forgiveness, for someone anyone to give him permission to move on with his life and to find happiness This novel is about his journey, the people who become part of his life, whether he finds what he s looking for, and how it either happens or doesn t happen for him and why.The story unfolds in two parts It moves between present time in the book 1980 81 and his past, particularly the year 1968 Even when he was a boy he be [...]

    2. Beautiful everything about this book is beautiful What first pulled me towards this book was the cover It felt like a warm, summer day It reminded me of sitting on the tail gate of an old pickup truck just watching the summer grass blow in the wind I read the back of the book and the plot was something I felt would be interesting I d never heard of the author, T Greenwood, but, I gave it a try anyway The writing was amazing The story jumps back and forth between the 1950 s to 1980 s dealing with [...]

    3. As always, T Greenwood s style is lovely but in this one I kept gonig back and forth with I was intrigued from the beginning, the prologue was promising and haunting I was eager to see what would happens and how the guilt would affect his life.The story itself was a good idea but lost it s way sometimes The flashes between Harper s past and the present sometimes felt jarring and a few times I was reading one part before realizing it was a flash back to the past and not the present then vice vers [...]

    4. 3.25 Stars Gosh, another hard one to review If you read the synopsis of the book it is somewhat misleading, it leads the reader to expect most of the book to be about the relationship between Harper and Maggie the girl from the train wreck but it s really not The book lends most of its time to Harper s relationship with the love of his life, Betsy Many times I sighed that Here we go again noise when reading this It s stated in the book that Harper was living in the shadows of his deceased wife n [...]

    5. when I got my Kindle, I was pleased to find out that free books were offered for it then I got a look at the free books I m not really interested in evangelical Christian novels, romance, conspiracy theory ranting, sexy vampires, or thriller series, so there was little that tempted me there.Two Rivers is an exception it was only free for about four hours, sadly I downloaded it on the strength of the reviews already on the site and really enjoyed it It s an atmospheric little novel that jumps fro [...]

    6. I had the honor of hearing T Greenwood speak at the Flagstaff Book Festival this year, and her readings were phenomenal Her novel TWO RIVERS is told by male protagonist, Harper Montgomery, through alternating childhood and adulthood chapters The majority of the story actually takes place in the past It tackles some of the very difficult events woven into the fabric of America s history the Vietnam War, racism, women s and civil rights Ultimately, it is a love story with messages of forgiveness a [...]

    7. This book is another one that my librarian recommended to me last week And I have to say, I think this is my favorite of 2012 thus far I could not put it down, I was so engrossed in the story When I wasn t reading it, I was thinking about it.It s hard to say why I loved it so much Because thinking it over, it s actually a reallyreally sad story The main character Harper is kind of one of those sad sack people that everything goes wrong for and nothing is ever easy It all started when he was twel [...]

    8. The word I would use to describe this book is juvenile It s a slightly better Nicholas Sparks sort of tale of true love such as never exists in real life happening to at a couple of sixth graders, ending in tragedy, leading to angst, then a sudden visitor turns it all around.Aside from the simplistic tale, the telling of it is trite as well Alternating between past and present every other chapter is rarely anything but a gimmick and does not do much except align story lines so that chapter three [...]

    9. This almost got a 2 star for my experience as reader here, but the writing ability it is easy to read and the human emotive quality made it just ok 3 star.This placement, order of the telling way, way too circular surrounding a terrible train derailment and of course, Betsy was loss of an entire star It not only sunk the tension but put this entire plot tale into rather a flat line to all the gushing over his life and soul mate love for his wife Betsy on top of it.I read this because it was a mo [...]

    10. It is in the early 1980s Two Rivers, Vermont, that the story opens Harper lives a simple life with his 12 year old daughter Shelly He lost his wife to a violent crime shortly after his daughter was born and has never been the same since the horrendous tragedy Nonetheless, he raises his daughter to his best ability but their lifestyle leaves a lot to be desired for example, supper is given very little thought since it usually comes from a can This is how they live, dreary day after day until thei [...]

    11. Another winner and page turner by T Greenwood Once again, this talented author knows how to tell a powerful, and beautifully written heartwarming story Looking forward to reading her remaining three books which I have not read each is as good as the previous one.Two Rivers is a bittersweet story of a man living in Two Rivers, Vermont, who is suffering daily from guilt after his role in a brutal crime which still haunts him daily His sins of the past threatens to destroy his present, as Harper se [...]

    12. This story took a while for me to be invested into it but once I figured this all was happening for a reason, I kept reading and in the end this is a powerful slow story of race, secrets, love, and what is family

    13. This is a story about a man named Harper Montgomery who loses his love and the center of his world, his very being, in a matter of a few minutes After Betsy s death, Harper is a broken man He has been left with a baby daughter, that was born the night Betsy died,and the haunting memories a man with skin the color of late summer blackberries begging for his life The story is set during the years of the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam war Few people are unaffected from the violence and incid [...]

    14. This was a beautifully crafted story of love, loss, forgiveness and trying to move under very trying circumstances It brought to the forefront how little we may really know about those people we call friends, family, enemies, or lovers And how we may allow certain moments to define us and shape us Small towns, rumors, secrets, mistakes, this novel had it all and mixed into that so many emotions love, loss, revenge, fear, hopelessness Most of all I think it was about how people will sacrifice the [...]

    15. This is a beautifully written novel with a complex tapestry of family, racism, sociology, cultural matters,love, hate, past and present The story bounces effortlessly back and forth between the mid 1950 s to 1980, building the story much like you would put together a jigsaw puzzle It s fiction, but it certainly appealed to the mystery lover in me as those bits and pieces began to fit together Ultimately it is about understanding and forgiveness, though on it s surface it seems to be about a man, [...]

    16. What an interesting story of love, race and discovery with a touch of redemption I didn t think I would like it all that much, but I was sucked in from the first chapter I did have a problem with a couple of things and some just seemed unbelievable.

    17. A moving, lyrical portrait of redemption and the forgiveness to be found in the most unexpected places I loved every word.

    18. I had registered for a course in writing one s first novel by instructor T Greenwood when I decided it might be a worthwhile endeavor to read one of her books before meeting her I chose Two Rivers simply based on the jacket description of a man who encounters a young, pregnant victim of a derailed train in his fictional hometown of Two Rivers, Vermont, and takes her in Nice inciting incident, and Greenwood did a fantastic job of weaving two stories from two different times together Harper Montgo [...]

    19. This is my 4th book I ve read by T Greenwood, and I ve loved them all She is an outstanding writer and her stories are always captivating, real, and exciting This one did not disappoint Harper is a single dad raising his daughter in the small Vermont town where he grew up and spent his whole childhood life in love with his daughter s mom, Betsy He has never gotten over losing Betsy and has been pretty much an empty shell of a man ever since Add to that the fact that he did something horrible in [...]

    20. I picked this up at a used book store The insert sounded really good, especially the promise of a redemptive story with the arrival of Maggie The book was at times hauntingly beautiful and lyrical, yet frustratingly repetitive Sometimes, the plot itself was circular, especially the events happening in the main narrative diegesis The book itself largely takes place in the past, and rather follows Betsy s life than Harper s Betsy, Betsy, Betsy, Betsy, Betsy this got a little annoying and dull afte [...]

    21. Harper Montgomery works at a local railroad station and lives conservatively with his daughter, Shelly He s a sad man and still grieves his wife s death which happened twelve years ago.One day, he s informed of a train derailment in Two Rivers, Vermont with people still trapped in the train He runs to the river, gets into the water and crawls through a window into the train car but is unable to help anyone Back on the shore he sees a young girl, with skin the color of blackberries She s shiverin [...]

    22. This is a very well written book with a story that transitions back and forth from past and present with each chapter change I liked the male narrative of the book, but a few times, I felt of a female nature coming through Didn t realize until later that the author is female This story takes place in Two Rivers, Vermont A very small town where Harper Montgomery is raising his daughter I don t want to discuss the book in too much detail because the joy of reading this book is to just let it unfo [...]

    23. This is a beautifully written novel except for the occasional error in grammar using the pronoun I as the object of the preposition as in, going with Betsy and I which drives me crazy The story jumps between the past and present with each chapter change but does it so easily that the reader is eager to read each chapter It takes place in a small town, Two Rivers, Vermont, and starts with a train wreck Harper Montgomery is raising his young daughter alone after the death of her mother when she wa [...]

    24. I m not entirely sure what it was about this book that made me bring it home from the library s just not the kind of description that would typically draw me in But wow Wow.Two Rivers has quickly become a new favorite The story is broken into chapters that alternate between telling the story of Harper growing up in love with his neighbor Betsy from an early age, one night that changed everything, and his current life, up to the point where they all come together I m always a sucker for a good tw [...]

    25. Very readable, with some lovely descriptions and an intriguing angle that has to do with white liberals involved in the Civil Rights movement in the south the 1960s Deftly crafted alternating chapters give us protagonist Harper 1 as a boy and teen in the 60s, falling in love with Betsy, the girl across the street, and 2 as a 32 year old man, 12 years after Betsy s death, raising their 12 year old daughter but emotionally dead himself There are also occasional dreamlike flashes of something terri [...]

    26. This might be a book you would enjoy if tales of love are what you like It follows the life and deep love between many characters husbands and wives, parents to their children If you fear that you would be reading fluff then you would be wrong Two Rivers is rich in both imagery and symbolism It is also a fictional telling of life during the tumultuous era of the civil rights movement and Vietnam War I was most touched by the way the story made me appreciate the depths of sorrow turning eventuall [...]

    27. I debated between a 3 star and a 4 star hereI think a 3.5 would really have been perfect I enjoyed this book well enough, but it just seemed lacking in something Nuance Most of the characters seemed kind of cliche to me, and it was a bit overlylodramatic And I saw the plot twist coming almost immediately not sure if that was a lucky guess on my part or a too obvious clue from the author But when the big reveal came, my only thought was, Duh I don t know I wouldn t NOT recommend it, especially if [...]

    28. I thought I knew what was coming as I read the story of a New England man reviewing and re evaluating his life and his relationships with his parents, his friends, the love of his life and his daughter Then comes the day of the train wreck in town and a black girl from the South comes into his life and changes everything This book captured the essence of New England, coming of age in the early 70 s and carrying on when all seems pretty hopeless One can escape a rut with a little help from one s [...]

    29. A good read A haunting mystery novel about love, life, friends, and the ties that bind families With all the horrible life altering experiences the main character experiences, the ending ties everything together with hope in a very unexpected way The scenery, Vermont, plays a crucial role in the novels green rolling hills, forests, and rivers are constantly a figure and becomes its own character The racial theme of the novel was fitting for the time, and makes the novel multi dimensional A very [...]

    30. I got this book on my Kindle because it was featured as a free book for a day or so I figured I would get back to it, I mean what kind of a person turns down a free book Anyway, I started reading it, and I was almost instantly hooked Just how Greenwood writes is one of the most eloquent and unique styles I have ever read.It starts out with a train crash in Two Rivers, and brings Harper Montgomery and Maggie together As the story progresses, you find how one action ties to another and one decisio [...]

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